Your Peace-of-Mind Workbook

Highlight aspects of your life often missed in traditional estate planning. An essential companion to your will!

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Step-by-Step Checklist

Your will doesn't cover everything. This workbook outlines important and often overlooked areas of your life.

  • Memberships & Clubs

    Compile all membership and club details for easy cancellation or transfer.

  • Major Responsibilities

    List all professional and personal responsibilities so relevant individuals can be alerted.

  • Personal Details

    Record usernames, passwords and other personal information for any profiles.

  • Obituary & Wishes

    Provide important details so your loved ones know the best way to honor you.

  • Health Care

    Compile all health care information to ensure your wishes are recorded and honored.

  • Legal Documents

    Collect and file copies of your will and other pertinent legal information.

  • Financial Information

    Include records of all financial documents and contacts, as well as clear instructions.

  • Taxes & Investments

    Organize recent tax returns and provide investment documents and instructions.

Rosemary Pahl
About the Author: Rosemary Pahl A gift for her family following the death of her parents and a close friend.

Rosemary Pahl RN, MBA was President and CEO of hospitals in Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. In addition, she was also COO of a railtour company and CFO of a national law firm prior to retiring.

Following the deaths of her elderly parents and a close friend, she learned firsthand how overwhelming it can be to wrap up a loved one's estate without the necessary information. She created the first copy of The Departing Details Workbook as a gift for her family.

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  • "A must for those who say “I'll get around to it" but never do."

  • "I found the workbook so useful I gave a copy to six friends for Christmas."

  • "After losing a family member to cancer at the young age of 40, I learned how important it is to have everything together."

  • "Leaving an estate in disarray is a heart wrenching legacy for family and friends left behind."

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  • Flexible Format

    Simple binder format with 25 tabs allows you to add new sections and make updates easily. View purchase options.

  • Logical & Easy to Use

    To the point questions and easy to follow forms - no legal speak. Fill in the blanks on your computer or physically fill out printed documents.

  • Companion to Your Will

    Covers important details rarely outlined in your will, all in one central spot. This is the complete after-death checklist.