Exciting New Initiative! Supplement Your Company's Human Resources/Wellness Plan

Most of us do an excellent job of keeping our business and professional responsibilities organized and on track. However, most of us are equally unorganized and unprepared for tragic events that can happen to us or our loved ones; incapacitating illnesses, injuries, and deaths can occur without warning. Although most employers offer some form of bereavement leave, when the unthinkable happens to a loved one and an employee is unprepared, they may spend their leave searching for information or dealing with family conflict surrounding unmade estate decisions. As a result the employee returns to work with unresolved grief and a long list of administrative issues to resolve.

We believe the Departing Details workbook can ease the stress of planning a personal or loved one's estate and allow individuals to focus on mourning instead of researching in times of tragedy. For a modest one-time cost, we are now offering the fillable PDF download to organizations and companies, which they can include in their HR/Wellness Plan. It is much easier to complete the workbook before tragedy strikes and in the case of young staff, this provides them with a tool to use with parents or elderly loved ones.

We believe so strongly in the value of the workbook as part of any HR/Wellness Plan that we will be launching a Client Page on our website. This page will feature companies who are offering the downloadable workbook to staff and/or clients. The logo from each company will be posted on the Client Page along with a write up about the company and a download button allowing staff to access their pre-paid copy of the workbook. Among our new partners is an international organization with staff in 130 countries, a college with 17,000 students, and an accounting/asset management firm.  

If your company or your employer is interested (minimum 50 employees) please contact our team at info@estateworkbook.com or Rosemary Pahl directly on LinkedIn.      

As Benjamin Franklin said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."



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