Client: Matthews Group

Our passion is understanding our clients’ goals and how we can help them get where they want to go.

We are accountants specializing in working with entrepreneurs, professionals and investors; we have all the skills you would expect form us but most of our clients look to us for more than accounting and tax.

They need help managing and financing their businesses, minimizing their taxes, building wealth wisely and throughout it all ensuring their loved ones are protected now and in the future. We are part of the team that gives them the comfort they are doing the right things and achieving their goals.

Departing Details Workbook is an invaluable part of the help we can add. It goes way beyond the accounting and tax type topics by covering things that cause confusion and distress if our clients are incapacitated or die. We’ve seen these issues time and again. Where are things kept? What bank accounts are there? Who has the investments? Many things are missed when a will is drafted or an estate plan is set up.

The workbook helps our clients deal with issues before they are real issues. It gives them piece of mind that their families will be secure if anything happens to them.

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