Client: Matthews Group

Greetings from the Team at Matthews Group

Our passion is understanding our clients’ goals and how we can help them get where they want to go. Although, we are CPA’s and our foundations are accounting, tax and business advice, our clients expect more than that and we are proud to work with them to uncover the right solutions for their businesses and their families.  Over time we have learned the histories of their companies, in depth knowledge of their values and other personal information that we need so we can help them achieve their goals and reduce uncertainty.

We are pleased to add Departing Details Workbook as part of the comprehensive services we provide to our clients.  Once we reviewed the contents of Departing Details we realized that it is an ideal collection system that goes well beyond the usual “accounting world topics” and by offering it to our clients we can assist them in being prepared should the unthinkable happen.  Even a temporary incapacitating illness or injury could require access to information otherwise only known to the incapacitated person.  Being well prepared is only effective if the information is left in an accessible location and in an organized fashion, otherwise we know from experience that those left to deal with issues can be mired in searching for information or in conflicts with family around unmade decisions. Helping our clients complete Departing Details will ensure that their families and executor will have the necessary information when needed and in the meantime provides us all with peace of mind.

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