Client: Norquest College

Greetings from Dr. Jodi L. Abbott, President and CEO, and the Executive Team of NorQuest College!

Norquest Team

NorQuest College is a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse learning environment that transforms lives and strengthens communities. NorQuest College inspires lifelong learning and the achievement of career goals by offering relevant and accessible education.

As part of our values, we:

  • treat people with integrity and respect, empower and encourage risk taking, celebrate commitment, contribution, and accomplishments, and promote health and wellness. 
  • value learning to foster creativity, innovation, and critical thought, encourage growth, development, and life-long learning, and build on the diversity of our learners, employees, and partners.
  • value our role in the community, display leadership and responsibility for our outcomes, and partner to achieve community goals.
  • value the quality of the processes we use in reaching our goals, demonstrate a learner-centred approach, set clear expectations, measure results and demonstrate accountability, promote teamwork, cooperation, and sharing throughout the college, and follow fair process in accomplishing our objectives.

NorQuest College is pleased to offer all our employees the opportunity to download the Departing Details Workbook as part of our Wellness Program. This workbook is being provided to all our staff and faculty to support you and your family members in difficult times with life planning details. It sometimes is a difficult conversation and it takes time to collect the copious amounts of “administrative details” required in the event of a sudden incapacitating illness, injury, or death. To minimize the stress and challenges, this work is best done before an unfortunate incident.

We want our staff to be present for their loved ones at a time of need rather than spending their precious time wading through financial and administrative paperwork.

Being prepared is an act of love and kindness for one’s family and we believe Departing Details is an easy to follow guide that will provide the required assistance to our employees. You are invited to visit our website at


Our employees are invited to download their copy using the button and their unique code.