Client: Phoenix Estate Organizers

Lisa Gereau - Founder and Consultant

Phoenix is a consulting company that began as a labor of love after the passing of my father.  He had the foresight to leave my brother and me with a leather binder containing everything we needed to know.  As a result we were able to settle his estate without probate in less than 3 months in the state of New York  and more importantly we were able to grieve his loss without frustrating searches for information or disagreements about unmade decisions.   

Given my 20 plus years of experience in Human Resources and my love for working with and helping people, I saw an opportunity to use my skills as a consultant and share the gift my Dad left with others.  The name of my Dad’s sailboat was Phoenix which led to naming my company Phoenix in his honor.   Originally it was my intention to use the binder my Dad left as a starting point to develop a comprehensive collection system.  However in the process, I came across “Departing Details Workbook” and realized that it would meet most of our needs and that my time would be better spent focusing on the value added consulting and speaking side of the project.

In collaboration with Departing Details Workbook, Phoenix now uses the workbook as one key element in our consulting practice.   I also draw on the valuable experience learned during the passing of my father to assist others. 

Phoenix is located in Glen Falls, New York, USA. Consulting is available in person if geographically possible and otherwise by phone or video conference.